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Hey There!

Welcome fellow bookworms. If you are hooked on books and part of a book club, you've come to the right place. Jot it Down is a place for reading connoisseurs to discuss their latest read with their literary groups. Our library continues to grow, and we invite you to grow with us. 

Are You In a Book Club?

Book Clubs are the BEST CLUBS. The benefits are worthwhile. Here are just a few reasons to join a literary group (if you haven't already): 





As you consume stories and continue on your reading journey, add "Jot it Down" to your list of book blogs and reading reviews. Unlike other bloggers, these conversations are centered around book club discussion questions. The aim is to take your group beyond the page and a closer look at your current read. All of the books featured in our online library have been part of our group discussions. Each blog details the following:


Story Synopsis - a short description of the book

Book Publication - the month and year of publication

Character List - includes character names and a brief description of each character

Setting - where the story takes place

Book Club Discussion Questions - at least eight to ten questions

My Review - a few thoughts on the book

Did You Know - facts about the story and author (possibly) unknown to the book community

Expand Your Library
Engage in Healthy Debates
Talk About the Book You've Finished
Read Novels Outside Your Comfort Zone
Connect with People Who Love Reading
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