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Hooked on Books

From my perspective, stories have the power to inspire people, aid in their decision-making, and energize their imaginations. I'd know; I spent ten years as a history teacher. The stories of the past reveal the story of us - the good, the bad, and the disturbing parts of human history. Thus, books share alternate perspectives, compelling insights, and enriching subject matters that challenge people to view the world with a different set of spectacles.


My passion for literature began in 2020 with a book club. Thanks to online video calls, my reading experience wasn't isolated but shared by bookworms in parts of San Francisco and various cities in San Diego. In 2020, we read fifteen novels, twenty-four books in 2021, and then 20 last year. Our reading library continues to expand in 2023. I encourage all avid bibliophiles to find their community of readers.


This blog features the books read by our book club and includes discussion questions asked by our members. I'm an educator; I can't help but create lesson plans (it's become part of my DNA). So, to those who are "hooked on books" and "read well with others," enjoy these book selections.


To read, or not to read...not even a question.

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